With Fillory saved (mostly), and The Beast (Charles Mesure) dead, its easy to forget that the characters on “The Magicians” have experienced many different lives thanks to the 39 timelines they lived before this one. Remember that time loop Jane (Esmé Bianco) concocted to give them a bunch of do-overs every time The Beast killed them?

Now, we finally got a peek at what one of those timelines looked like, and it’s as heartbreaking as it is mysterious.

For instance, in one timeline, Alice (Olivia Tate Dudley) was the sole survivor, having lost a few fingers and most of her sanity trying to find Quentin’s (Jason Ralph) shade after he died. Olivia Tate Dudley seriously wasn’t kidding when she said we’d see 20 different versions of Alice this year. Between ghost Alice, niffin Alice, and now alternate-timeline Alice, we’re seriously making our way through the list, aren’t we?

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Another interesting tidbit about the time loops is that in all of their previous lives, Julia (Stella Maeve) was at Brakebills University. Instead of being left out in the cold to learn magic from hedge witches, Julia went to school with the rest of the gang and mastered more advanced magic than anyone.

According to Dean Fogg (Rick Worthy), her discipline was knowledge itself; learning and discovering magic was her strength.

Between this new look into her possible past and her “mind patch” to cover up Reynard’s (Mackenzie Astin) attack — the happy one that made her believe Our Lady Underground sent her on a mission to discover a whole new kind of magic — we’re seriously curious about what kind of power Julia truly possesses. It’s always been obvious that she’s insanely talented and apparently God-touched, but what does that mean exactly?

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We’ll have to leave that question for another day though, since we’re probably going to need to focus on the fact that “The Magicians” just introduced dragons into the mix. Freaking dragons!

Nothing is off the table when you’ve got centaurs and talking animals and all sorts of magical creatures to work with, so we shouldn’t be surprised that dragons exist too. It’s unclear whether Quentin will be able to find one or get it to open a door to the Underworld for him, but we’re officially taking bets about how many “Game of Thrones” references will be dropped in on this new quest.

“The Magicians” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.

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