On Monday night (Aug. 1), the nation watched as JoJo Fletcher chose to spend the rest of her life with Jordan Rodgers over Robby Hayes on the season finale of “The Bachelorette.” JoJo had to physically keep Robby from going down to one knee as he professed his undying love to her, and cried, “I wish it was you!” as he walked down a trail of tears to his limo, to never been seen again. Well, at least not on ABC.

That’s because Robby is not going to be the next “Bachelor” star.

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Sure an argument could be made for the 27-year-old from Jacksonville , Fla. He is handsome, wears his heart on his sleeve, and has domestic day dreams about accidentally burning the meatloaf and having to order pizza for the kids (his words, not ours). But there’s one glaring issue that may keep him from signing on to be “The Bachelor” next season. Based on swirling rumors, Robby will most likely not be America’s next “Bachelor” because he probably has no interest in dating 26 women.

Robby Hayes 'The Bachelorette'

Now, Robby’s sexuality is nobody’s business. In no way would this be to shame him. We’d love to see a “Bachelor” season that had 13 men and 13 women vying for his heart. But ABC is probably not quite ready to go there, yet. And Robby could definitely fill the “Bachelor” shoes with ease. This plum job would be his for the taking if audiences didn’t already think he was an untrustworthy liar (but that’s an entirely different story).

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Since this is still technically a reality show, and audiences are supposed to believe everything happening on air is real, the main reason Robby may get overlooked is because of his questionable sexual orientation. Unless ABC switches up the basic format of the long running series, the “reality” part of the show goes straight out the window, assuming it was ever there before.

Robby Hayes

But didn’t Robby have an ex-girlfriend before the show? You know, the only that caused everyone to think he was a lying bastard in the first place? Yes. And there’s speculation that his sexuality is what caused their break-up in the first place.

According to an insider at OkHereisthesituation.com, Robby comes from a very wealthy family in Sarasota and the idea of him even being on the “The Bachelorette” was somewhat embarrassing for them. So while it may seem crazy in this day and age, his family might not be okay with their son’s maybe-not-straight sexual orientation. “They are the little country club style family, and even though he is of age and and still lives at home … ”

Wait, what? Robby still lives at home? Okay. So, if he were to come out against his parents wishes, he might fear that they would kick him out, or keep him from his inheritance, which if true, would be devastatingly sad. The insider goes on to say, “I questioned if he was gay the past few months after the only things that he would post were him and guys and a few pictures here and there of him an Hope. Maybe that’s why the broke up? Because she thought he was gay?”

We’re taking this with a grain of salt, but one look at Robby’s Instagram and it’s easy to see where this insider is coming from.

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Gettin' after it.. #blackonblack #fireeeee

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Then these modeling shots…

Then more dudes …

We aren’t trying to single Robby out. He is not the first , nor will he be the last, to have his sexuality questioned after being on this show. Out of the hundreds of contestants that have appeared on this series, it would be ridiculous to think every single one of them was straight. Nor would it even be an issue if the main purpose of the show wasn’t to believably match a man with a woman.

Either way, because of Robby’s messy situation with his ex, he’s already lost the trust of “Bachelor” fans, something for which producers will not be able to glaze over when considering their options. So even though Zap2it previously thought it was highly unlikely, with Robby being the runner-up, not Jordan, it appears the No. 1 front runner for the gig is now Luke.


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