eden sher the middle abc The Middles Eden Sher rivals the Germans in finding the perfect word for that feeling

Actors can be considered experts on emotions, given that they are constantly required to conjure them in their line of work.

Eden Sher, who plays middle child Sue Heck on the Wednesday ABC comedy “The Middle,” has gone a step further, creating words not found in Webster’s to describe how she’s feeling. She’s created so many of them, in fact, that they now make up a website and a forthcoming book, “The Emotionary.”

“‘The Emotionary’ is a dictionary of feelings,” explains the 23-year-old Los Angeles native to Zap2it, “and I just made up words that don’t exist for feelings that do.”

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The process, she estimates, took three or four years. She always carried a notepad, and when inspiration would strike — say, while shopping at the grocery store — she’d jot the word down.

“For instance,” she says, “something that I feel all the time is ambiviculty, which is ambivalence plus difficulty. Which is the anxiety of having to make decisions. So I have a lot of ambiviculty with daily [life] — like going to the grocery store and seeing 15 brands of goat cheese, I nearly have a panic attack.

“So that’s my process, just living, like, ‘Oh my God, I feel so anxious. What is that?’ And I’m like, ‘OK, I’m going to just live in this anxiety. Like what is that? I just can’t make decisions.’ And then I just make a word for it and I call that art,” she says, laughing.

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These days, she’s in her seventh season playing the socially awkward Sue on the ABC sitcom, on a set, she says, is a very happy one.

“We have a totally open-door policy to just chill in each other’s trailers if we so please,” she says. “I think I take it for granted how close and comfortable and how we can knock on anyone’s door and just hang out in there whenever.”

Posted by:George Dickie