william forsythe mob doctor 325 'The Mob Doctor's' William Forsythe 'died of boredom' doing 'John Doe'Zap2it: You’ve played mobsters, notably Al Capone. Is this an abiding interest?

William Forsythe: I am a history person. I knew a lot about what he had done. I was able to talk to 60 to 100 people who knew him.

Zap2it: Your character on “The Mob Doctor,” Constantine, is a don in Chicago, where the mob is not unknown. Are you getting any reaction to the character since you’re shooting there?

William Forsythe: In Chicago, on the south side, they are all still there. There all kinds of people whose families are part of that world. … It’s Chicago. It just exists all around. Guys come out of the woodwork to meet me.

Zap2it: Were you excited about returning to episodic TV?

William Forsythe: I didn’t want to go back to TV ever again. I did nine episodes of “John Doe.” I died of boredom. I was living up in Canada and working one day an episode. … You go in waves as an actor. Freedom is important to me. As an actor, you walk in there. My favorite is the antihero; I love them. If I were in the ’30s, I would never have left Warner Bros.

Zap2it: You seem like such a true New Yorker; have you lived in Los Angeles, and did you like it?

William Forsythe: I love L.A., but it was time to go. There was a sadness I can’t explain. I was so unhappy, and that turns off your creativity.

Zap2it: What’s going on with your Jake LaMotta movie?

William Forsythe: I came off that movie and felt like the rest of my life will be a vacation. It shot in 20 days.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler