After just two weeks, “The Mother/Daughter Experiment” has already stopped pretending to be about therapy and shown its true colors as a more generational version of “The Jersey Shore.” The focus moves quickly away from mother/daughter dynamics and towards behind-closed-doors gossip and pregnancy scares.

Jessica Canseco and her daughter Josie lead in the episode, fighting over Jessica’s tendency to act like one of the kids instead of a mother.

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It’s an issue that plays out again, when the group goes in for therapy and open “resentment bags” filled with objects that symbolize missed moments. Josie’s bag contains pom-poms, representative of all the competitions and games her mother missed because she never made Josie a priority.

The front runners of this competition for the healthiest mother/daughter relationship continues to be Kim Richards and her daughter Kathleen. When faced with the resentment challenge, they both found their bags empty, having nothing to hold against one another.

While that might sound like a touching moment, a few members of the group were less than enthused by this display of solidarity. “I may be the one with plastic surgery, but you’re the one that’s being fake,” Heidi jokes.

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Heidi and Natalie continue to be the mean girls of the group, a role they play to perfection when they instigate drama between Courtney and Krista. When they try to dig into the backstory between Krista and Courtney’s husband, Doug, Krista claims that he asked her out first, which surprises the rest of the group and upsets Courtney.

Courtney spends the rest of the night throwing up due to stress. Her mother, however, is convinced she’s pregnant and calls the paramedics.

“The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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