national dog show 2013 john ohurley nbc 325 'The National Dog Show' 2013: John O'Hurley knows 'The Perfect Dog'Zap2it: You’re co-hosting the National Dog Show from Philadelphia on Thanksgiving Day on NBC (re-airing Saturday, Nov. 30). Is that your only canine-related project?

John O’Hurley: I have a new book called “The Perfect Dog” that came out on Oct. 31.

Zap2it: You once said the perfect dog is the one next to you on the couch. Is there a connection?

John O’Hurley: That’s exactly right. You got it. Spoiler alert! It’s very funny to have a children’s book, because you don’t mind telling the ending of the story. Adults, they care, but kids: “Read it again! Read it again!”

Zap2it: You have a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, which a lot of people have seen; and a Havanese, a dog similar to the far more well-known Maltese and bichon frise. Do you plan to add another breed to your personal pack?

John O’Hurley: No, you know, we have the two. They’re kind of like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. But as every year goes by, we fall more in love with the Havanese breed. They’re such great dogs. My brother, they lost one of theirs, and they’re now getting another. They went to get a Havanese this year. So they flew out to Colorado, to the same breeder we went to, and picked out a gorgeous little puppy.

They feel the same way about it. They’re just the perfect dog. It’s such a great little breed. They’re not as yippy as the Maltese, very family-friendly and very smart. They certainly don’t shed, and they’re kind of hypoallergenic in that way. They are great dogs.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare