amanda freitag next iron chef redemption 'The Next Iron Chef: Redemption's' Amanda Freitag: 'I'm a surprise'Amanda Freitag also is a contestant on the Sunday competition “The Next Iron Chef: Redemption.” If she wins, she will become only the second female — after Cat Cora — to become an Iron Chef.

“Obviously I want to be a role model for any other female chefs, but then I don’t walk around while I’m working in the kitchen and think, ‘I’m a female,’ ” she tells Zap2it. “I just think of myself as a really good chef.”

Did being on “Next Iron Chef” previously give you an advantage this time around?

“Once we got started, it felt like a disadvantage, actually. You knew what was coming, so the nerves almost were even greater than before. You knew that whatever the Chairman was going to bestow upon you was going to be 10 times harder than before. We knew the kitchen, we knew some of the challenges, so we knew he would mix it up on us.”

Where do you think your niche would be among the other Iron Chefs, if you win?

“I think my niche is that everybody thinks that I am sweet and easy and they can steamroll me, but I’m a surprise. I love to compete and thrive on it. If they pick me [to challenge], they’re in for a shock.”

Posted by:John Crook