Charles Michael Davis

The battle for control of the Strix is over on “The Originals” and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) is the man left standing to lead the vampire society. That’s not really the whole story, though.

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While the final stand to become leader of the Strix brought Marcel into direct contention with Klaus (Daniel Gillies) — and even earned him a hand through the chest — it turns out the two were actually scheming together all along. While he may not be as appreciated as he should by the Strix, Klaus is clearly still in control, which is a good thing given the sire lines war that’s brewing.

As for Marcel, he now reigns supreme over the society, but working with Klaus also provides a level of protection the Strix just can’t offer. With the Mikaelsons threatened, Klaus or Elijah dying would be bad for him. As he admits himself, his life depends on Elijah living, while the Strix fall without Klaus.

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Of course, the news isn’t all good for the Mikaelsons. Aurora has a plan and a white oak trinket, which spells trouble for the original vampires. Given that a white oak stake is the only thing that can kill them permanently, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge of the Strix. At this point, Aurora holds the cards.

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