As the fight to keep baby Hope out of the clutches of Dahlia (Claudia Black) reaches a fever pitch, “The Originals,” things will irrevocably change in Monday’s (April 20), “When the Levee Breaks.”
“This is the beginning of the storm, and this is the storm that will take us through the end of the season,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells Zap2it and a group of press at a screening of the episode.

If the trailer for the episode shows anything, it’s that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will be at the head of that storm and the Mikaelson wreckage will be left in his wake. 
“Over the course of this episode, you see the family disintegrate more and more and more,” Narducci says. “By the end of it, they are a house divided. I don’t think anyone is suspecting, at the start of this episode, at the middle of this episode when Klaus and Elijah are standing united against the wolves, that by the end of the episode, the divide will be what it is.”
As the credits roll on “When the Levee Breaks,” viewers will be left wondering what could possibly happens next. “[It] is shocking, and it puts the people that we care about in the most jeopardy we’ve ever seen them in,” Narducci says. “That is the story that we’re going to tell in these last three episodes.”
“The Originals” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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