The Originals Season 2 finale unites the Mikaelsons

As “The Originals” reaches its Season 2 finale, it seems there may finally be a way to stop Dahlia (Claudia Black) from taking baby Hope and unleashing a horrible evil on the world. It’s just not going to be easy.
After leaving a trail of blood and devastation, Niklaus (Joseph Morgan) has a plan that involves his Mikaelson siblings — Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt) — but can they actually trust him?
Zap2it spoke with Gillies about that very question and more, including what he refers to as the “end of days” for the Mikaelsons and whether there is any hope to save them in the end.

Zap2it: At the end of the season it looks like the Mikaelsons are coming together, but that may nor even be fully possible. While Klaus claims to have a plan to kill Dahlia, he’s shown time and again to the family that he can’t exactly be trusted. Going into this last episode, what can you tease for this showdown?
Daniel Gillies: It’s funny, you just said something really interesting. You think [the Mikaelsons] are coming together but you don’t. They’re sort of doomed, this family. The closer they come to one another, the more destructive energy there is around each other. [It’s] like when you play with two magnets and they just sort of repulse at the last moment. They desire to be together but then they sort of push one another away.
There’s a devastation that’s always lingering around them and they can’t get through it without annihilating one another. I feel this window of time where “The Originals” takes place is sort of like their end of days. In my opinion it’s like the last days of this family and we’re trying to successfully unify the family, having failed for the last millennium.
[To the question of] how do we think they’re going to proceed, it’s with great difficulty. He’s just ruthless, Niklaus. Everything’s just sort of thrown into the combine harvester of his ambition. Nothing matters, including and especially family.
I do think that if they continue together as sort of an allied force, we’re sort of betraying the audience and ourselves in a way. I don’t think that we should be together as we proceed. The rift is now, or it ought to be, the biggest ravine we’ve ever seen between them.
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In the last episode, Klaus did some pretty heinous things, including tormenting the pack. While it’s all a ruse meant to set up Dahlia, is there a point of no return? Can he — or should he — be forgiven?
Absolutely not. We’re only being disloyal to ourselves and the audience if we don’t treat these injustices for what they are — highly treasonous and treacherous acts. Look at incinerating Gia (Nishi Munshi), for example. That’s my f***ing girlfriend. Did he really, in order to be authentic, need to torch her? Now she’s a sort of a Whopper burger.
No, it should not be forgiven. I don’t think it should be. These people are not functioning together. One of the two of them — between the brothers — needs to realize this relationship no longer works. They need to sever that tie, but the greater question is whether they’re capable of it.

There’s a line in the finale that really sticks out as important and can be heard in the trailer. Elijah say that the Mikaelsons are “beyond redemption.” While Klaus may not agree with that sentiment, is it something you believe, after everything they’ve done and been through?
There’s a sad understanding within Elijah. I don’t want to give up the scene because it’s critical but he also says something back on “The Vampire Diaries.” “Mother made us. She didn’t make us monsters. We did that to ourselves.”
I think he understands on some level that they’re doomed. For me, it helps me to understand the philosophy of Elijah. If he does have a relentless commitment to his brother and this family, then he has a deeper understanding that there’s no evil they won’t commit to each other.
For Elijah, particularly in the wake of recent events, I don’t think there is a return. On some level, I think it’s safe to say he is the one who admires good human qualities the most — then probably Rebekah. I don’t think they’re capable of them, though.
They’ve lived so long in these souls that there is a degree of detachment. A lot of their humanity has evaporated and they’re grasping desperately for the final shards of what remains. I think they envy compassion and kindness, but I don’t believe Elijah thinks — especially now — that they’re capable of redemption.
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