With the return of “The Originals” comes a very different New Orleans than fans last saw at the end of Season 3. Five years have passed since Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) sent the Mikaelsons packing. In that time, he’s kept Klaus (Joseph Morgan) imprisoned, forged an alliance with Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) and restored the French Quarter to some of it’s former glory.

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That doesn’t mean everything is sunshine and roses for the leader of the vampires, though. After all, this is “The Originals” and nothing is ever so simple. Screener spoke with Davis to discuss navigating the delicate balance of keeping the peace, how the death of Davina (Danielle Campbell) in Season 3 is sitting with Marcel and what exactly his relationship with Klaus is like after five years of keeping him in chains…

At the end of Season 3, Marcel rid New Orleans of the Mikaelsons, and became king — but there was some serious static with Vincent. Now, five years later, where is his story at?

That’s a good question. As it is five years in the future, that’s something we had to recalibrate. We picked up with [Marcel & Vincent] on good terms, on working terms. They’re still getting a grasp on working together — which was one of the things in real life we had to work on, Yusuf and I. We came in to film our first few scenes, and the director has to remind us it’s been five years these guys have been working together.

So we can shake off all the tension we had from Season 3 where it’s like, “I don’t like working with you because you’re a witch.” It was actually really nice to change the dynamic of that relationship, so they’re working together for a similar cause. That’s one of the bigger changes over the five years.

Working with the witches is interesting, given the loss of Davina. After five years, is that something he’s still grieving?

It’s one of those things where I think they’re very present-oriented characters — dealing with whatever the task is at hand, because it’s usually life or death. So a lot of those things get pushed over, and become hot buttons and subjects that get pressed later.

But now that there’s no one to remind him of that pain, the Original family is gone, I think that’s got to be some consolation and some relief, and some redemption, for what happened to Davina.

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And now he’s in a different place, where he’s not fighting so hard to prove himself. If he wants to get vengeance he could, so not it’s a different moral question. It’s not so much revenge — like, “Hamlet” for Davina’s ghost — but it’s like, there is no threat and he’s still holding the knife: Does he really need to do anything?

I think the five years gives him enough time to really think about it and process her death as well.

While the Original family is gone, Marcel has had Klaus under lock and key. He’s the only real face Klaus has seen in the five years since it all went down. What can you say about their interactions and how they shape the characters as we come back?

It’s a back and forth thing. I feel like their biggest problem is dealing with themselves, about what they need to do to move forward in life. Rather than do that, they have each other.

So it allows them to build each other up: Marcel can always be the boy who grew up to be a man that never got recognition from his father figure, and Klaus can always be the one who’s never loved, especially by the boy he saved and who owes everything to him. The two can always project onto each other rather than deal with the fact that Marcel is now a man and has control of his life, while Klaus is no longer fighting for a father’s love or a mother’s love: He’s free to go about and choose to love someone else, like when Cami (Leah Pipes) was around.

Rather than deal with that, which they can’t — Klaus literally can’t because he’s chained, and Marcel can’t because he’s watching over Klaus — the two give each other purpose, but they also give each other problems and pain.

Hopefully the time has given them some time to reflect — especially for Klaus, because he has no one else to chat with. Maybe he’ll just have some conversations with himself.

“The Originals” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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