We’ve been waiting for Cal’s (Hugh Dancy) cult to fall since the pilot — and Wednesday’s (April 5) episode of “The Path” presents a birth, and a shocking death, that set the stage for Eddie’s (Aaron Paul) inevitable takeover.

For Cal, maintaining a family unit has been the most important thing from day one. Meyerism is his kin, and there’s a brand new addition in their midst: Mary (Emma Greenwell) finally gives birth — revealing her baby is indeed Cal’s, and not her husband Sean’s (Paul James). Boy, did he pick the perfect time to get the heck out of Dodge!

Unfortunately for Cal, this family doesn’t remain complete for very long: Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) finally knows the truth, and this awakening not only pushes her away from Cal, but closer to seeing Eddie for who he really is: The true guardian of the light.

the path 212 hugh dancy hulu The Paths shocking sacrifice sends Cals cult up in flames

Eddie almost quit the whole thing, though — and why wouldn’t he? Once his secret Meyerist meetings were discovered, Sarah and Cal kicked Richard (Clark Middleton) out of the movement and put Felicia (Adriane Lenox) on lockdown. Without these two allies in his corner, Eddie’s left cut off at the knees.

There are no family ties left, leaving Eddie’s no other options but to leave town. And he almost gets out… Until Richard does the unthinkable.

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A Meyerist lifer, Richard’s transition to Denier status doesn’t come easy: He finds he has no loved ones to turn to in the real world, no life to pursue, no purpose to fulfill. He tries to get Eddie to stay, explaining the final rung requires no work at all — that it’ll simply reveal itself to our hero: And it eventually does, coming in the form of Richard’s unexpected sacrifice.

the path 212 clark middleton hulu The Paths shocking sacrifice sends Cals cult up in flames

Storming onto the compound during a ceremony for Mary’s newborn, Richard locks up the group and heads to the office that holds all those unburdening tapes. He spent most of his life in this room, living under the guidelines Dr. Meyer put in place, and if he’s going to leave Meyerism, he’s going to take it all down with him! Richard douses himself with gasoline and lights the match.

As the office goes up in flames, Eddie’s hit with an understanding that something’s wrong. The final rung has presented itself in all its tragic glory: “Sarah,” he says, before speeding back to the one place he’s been trying to separate from since Episode 1.

Richard’s sacrifice will set things in motion that’ll change Meyerism forever, revealing Cal as the monster he truly is. We’ve been waiting to see how Eddie’s triumphant takeover will transpire… And it seems that time has finally come.

“The Path” Season 2 streams new episodes every Wednesday on Hulu.

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