With just two episodes remaining this season, “The Path” has quickly moved into formation — battle formation, that is.

“Defiance” (March 29) picks right up with Eddie’s (Aaron Paul) discovery of Cal (Hugh Dancy) and Sarah’s (Michelle Monaghan) relationship — the catalyst that pushes him right back into rebel leader mode.

To almost everyone at the compound, Eddie is a threat: Busting into the Meyerist headquarters to confront Cal didn’t do him any favors, but it did shake Cal to his core. And while Cal has operated as co-guardian of the light for some time, Eddie’s got him questioning his own self-worth. Sarah may provide some ease in that regard, but it’s Mary’s (Emma Greenwell) decision to stay in the compound that has us eyeing Cal’s every move.

the path season 2 hugh dancy hulu1 As Eddie plans for war, The Path moves into battle formation

That baby in her belly could very well be his, right? Maybe that’s why she broke with her husband Sean (Paul James) as they attempted to escape in the middle of the night. While their love seems strong, perhaps nothing beats that good old Meyerism trauma. Remember, it was in her first days at the camp that Mary re-lived her sexual abuse through an interlude with Cal… And Cal? We’ve learned his own history of abuse runs all the way to his childhood — and all the way back to Dr. Meyer (Keir Dullea).

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Through his own internal chaos, Cal has done everything in his power to maintain normalcy at the compound. And as Eddie tried to reach out to his son Hawk (Kyle Allen), Cal’s influence struck again — leaving Eddie beaten and bloody. We’re sure Cal needs Hawk to remain in the camp for the same reason he needs Mary there — his influence is his power. And though it’s dwindling, it’s the only thing he really has left.

the path season 2 michelle monaghan aaron paul As Eddie plans for war, The Path moves into battle formation

This brings us to Sarah: Her sexual intimacy with Cal hasn’t fulfilled her in the same way it has for him. In fact, it was the one transgression she’s moving past. Eddie may have had a hard time letting her go, but we’re not exactly sure where her allegiances lie. In the final moments, Sarah’s discovery of the secret motel Meyerist meetings he’s been having can only complicate things. Hawk is definitely on Cal’s side — but at the end of the day, who will Sarah choose?

Requesting a list of Meyerist deniers may signal Eddie’s move to start a better version of the cult Sarah and Cal are driving into the ground. As Eddie said to Sarah’s father Hank (Peter Friedman), it’s time to pick sides. But once battle lines are drawn, how far will this spiritual war go?

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