One of the key tenets of Meyerism is the process known as “unburdening.” It’s the step all members of the movement go through to cleanse themselves from the “damage” they hold deep inside.

In Wednesday’s (Feb. 15) episode of “The Path,” Cal (Hugh Dancy) attempts to find the mole hiding in the community, using another Meyerist method called “sourcing.” While it doesn’t reveal the FBI informant, his actions shed light on some deeply held damage — and the burden it causes some key players in the ongoing Hulu cult saga.

In his mission for truth, Cal enlists the one person he deems the most qualified and trustworthy: Abe (Rockmond Dunbar) — the exact person he should be distancing himself from. But alas, Cal has absolutely no clue Abe’s the undercover agent investigating the group’s widespread corruption. And that’s what makes this whole ordeal even murkier.

the path season 2 rockmond dunbar 1 The Path attempts to unburden itself from all the damage

We’ve already seen the internal battle Abe has been dealing with — he’s being pulled further from his family while embedding himself in the community. And while he may be a fraud, it’s hard not to see the positive effects certain connective aspects of the movement have had on his character.

Speaking of family drama — Eddie (Aaron Paul) and Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) are delivered a blow when Hawk (Kyle Allen) is arrested for assault, breaking and entering and — hold onto your hats! — domestic terrorism. It’s a move Libby Dukan (Molly Price) makes, to deliver a clear message to Sarah: Her son may have inflicted damage on her property, but the bigger threat is the alleged chemical pollution in the water supply — and her company’s subsequent cover up.

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Eddie already was trying to bring on his own unburdening at the cult support group he’s found himself in. But once Hawk gets thrown into a detention center for his crimes, Sarah moves further from Cal to maintain some sort of order amid the familial chaos. Maintaining contact with Eddie is a big mistake, according to her parents — but that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as the couple ends up mending some very… intimate fences.

the path 205 eddie hawk hulu The Path attempts to unburden itself from all the damage

So, the tally of Meyerist secrets is steadily growing: Sarah is now sleeping with Eddie, Abe is the FBI informant Cal is looking for, Richard (Clark Middleton) is secretly investigating Cal for Dr. Meyer’s (Keir Dullea) murder and Cal may very well be Mary’s (Emma Greenwell) baby’s daddy. And let’s not forget the lightning strike scar on Eddie’s back, and the implications that come along with it. How possible is it Richard and Kodiak (James Remar) are eyeing the wrong suspect in the Doc’s disappearance? Very.

And if you thought the whole corrupted water supply angle was drying up — the episode comes to an end with Sarah face-to-face with horrifying proof: There are indeed chemicals in that river!

As she gets closer to her rope’s proverbial end, it’ll be interesting to see what actions she takes to help her son, to connect with Eddie, and to assist the people of Clarkesville all while continuing her light guarding duties. A co- guardian’s work is never done…

“The Path” streams a new episode every Wednesday on Hulu.

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