So the final scene of “The Royals” Season 2 premiere actually moves the plot significantly forward while simultaneously doing nothing at all. Apparently, the person guilty of killing King Simon and Prince Robert was affiliated with “Domino,” the secret society that put the necklace around Liam’s neck when he was kidnapped and the flag that rose over the palace after Simon’s death.

That doesn’t absolve King Cyrus (Jake Maskall), though. He could still be responsible for the work of assassinating Simon, especially because his alibi was revealed to be a lie — he wasn’t really with James Holloway, probably did stab his brother, and basically admitted that he killed his nephew.

But this could mean that he’s working for Domino — or, alternatively, that he was working for them, then decided to steal the throne for himself.

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But the big reveal was that Elizabeth Hurley’s Queen Consort Helena and her mother the Duchess (Joan Collins), killed someone in Domino and the group is coming after their family because of that murder. The flaming Domino sign left on the royal lawn is a pretty clear message: watch out.

Meanwhile, Queen Helena is already setting things up so she’ll be able to take control in the event of Cyrus’ death — by blackmailing the Prime Minister into pushing through a new line of succession.

Liam and Jasper working together will surely uncover more secrets of Domino, but there’s no telling who they’ll find. It could be Cyrus, Helena, or someone else.

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It’s completely unbelievable that King Cyrus could potentially leave the palace and run through the streets to meet shadowy people in alleyways late at night, but that’s no more unbelievable than Jasper being able to follow him on foot.

Season 2 of “The Royals” already has more questions to answer, with just a single new episode so far.

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Posted by:Kayla Hawkins