Three seasons of “The Strain” are now behind us, with a fourth and final one to come, leaving us with multiple takeaways regarding where the series will go. As we saw in Sunday’s (Oct. 30) episode, titled “The Fall,” the strigoi were finally given free reign on New York and we have one person to thank for this horrible turn of events: Zach Goodweather (Max Charles).

From the very beginning of the FX series, we had our issues with the precocious young boy. And while it seems the production may have found similar problems with the character — deciding to recast the role of Ephram Goodweather’s (Corey Stoll) son in Season 2 — the change has done nothing to help our opinion of the annoying little brat.

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We get it, the relationship struggles between his parents has caused massive resentment towards Ephram, and rightfully so! But, infidelity be damned, Zach’s decision to move over to the dark side and conspire with Eichorst (Richard Sammel) and The Master (Jonathan Hyde), just to be with his mother and get back at his dad… well that is some downright incorrigable behavior and if it was up to us, we’d ground this kid for days upon days.

the strain season 3 corey stoll ephram goodweather The Strain Season 3 finale confirms Zach is the absolute worst

But, with the vampire apocalypse looming, it’s possible that grounding your kid is out of the question. So instead, we’re stuck watching the young boy destroy the entire city! Yes, the Season 3 finale all came down to a few integral moments, which found Ephram and estranged wife Kelly (Natalie Brown) battling it out inside Stoneheart Industries. And with a very tight grip on her trachea, Zach’s vampy mother was finally put to rest.

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Seeing this as a victory that could bridge the gap between him and his son, Ephram soon realizes that Zach has gone Kylo Ren crazy. Instead of accepting that his mother was an odd breed of hellspawn, dead set on sucking the life from his annoying body given the chance, Zach decided the best course of action would be to detonate a nuclear bomb. Um sure… Why not?

After all, the show needed a catalyst to bring the vampires out of hiding — and what better way to do so than shroud the entire city under a thick blanket of smoke and radiation? Say goodbye to the sun — and the son, for that matter — as “The Strain” just took things full force into bonkers-ville. Hey, at least this sets things up for some epic vampire battles in Season 4, right?

“The Strain” Season 4 will return in 2017 on FX.

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