The last time President Obama appeared on "The Tonight Show" to slow jam the news, it was in 2012. Going with the election year trend, Barack joined Jimmy Fallon one more time on Thursday (June 9) to present his accomplishments over a groovy hook, courtesy of The Roots. With his recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Obama's farewell tour has officially kicked off.

While he began the musical number in presenting the many improvements that have been made since he took office -- 14 million new jobs, unemployment under 5% and marriage equality, just to name a few -- it's not long before he has everyone in the audience in the palm of his hand. "Climate change is real, health care is affordable and love ... is love," the president says.

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Moving on to highlight the new Trans-Pacific Partnership, explaining the new jobs that will be born of the deal, Fallon and The Roots transition that piece of news into a Rihanna "Work" riff. And not missing a beat, we got to witness President Barack Obama sing, "work work work work work" to rave applause.

It wouldn't be a complete news week if they didn't mention Donald Trump. While not mentioning any names, Obama made a cutting jibe at the GOP's presumptive nominee, saying, "Orange is NOT the new black." Ending the segment with a literal mic drop, it's safe to say Baracky with the good hair is going out on his terms.

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