One of the appealing details of Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" are the various games he plays with celebrity guests. Bringing the big stars in to take part in common party activities is just one way these personalities come across as more accessible every day people.

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Monday's (Feb. 22) episode did just that when Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton stopped by to promote their new movie "Eddie the Eagle." Taking part in a hilarious round of "Catchphrase," the two team up against Fallon and Steve Higgins.

The game kicks off and almost immediately, viewers are reminded of the quick pace a good game of "Catchphrase" brings. Some of the words were easier to guess than others and as the match got all tied up, it came down to Jackman's skill at acting out the term, "go with the flow."

Unfortunately, Egerton wasn't sharing the same wavelength and the two lost the game. Thankfully, the 'Wolverine" actor never had to become a mime. Really, how horrifying would that have been?

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