Stefan Salvatore -'Never Let Me Go'

Season 7 of “The Vampires Diaries” continues down a darker, and more gory path with episode 2, ‘Never Let Me Go.’ Mystic Falls may be empty of all humans, but the vampires and witches that remain are forming some very complicated alliances. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Lily Salvatore is the worst mother in the world

Mama Salvatore (Annie Wersching) might be related to Joan Crawford from “Mommy Dearest.” She hides Elena’s coma-ridden body to bribe son Damon to “get as far away as possible,” from her, while simultaneously, she has Caroline(Candice Accola King), her other son’s girlfriend, tied up and hanging from the raptors of the house she stole from her two sons, and having Caroline tortured by her ancient Heretic followers. The woman is pure evil.

2. Alaric needs to get over Jo

Alaric (Matthew Davis) is running around with a ruby-red Phoenix Stone that can apparently bring people back from the dead, in hopes that he can once again be with his beloved long-lost wife. But based on the most gruesome scene flashes ever to appear on this show whenever Bonnie (Kat Graham) touches the stone, it is clear that even if the magical gem can bring someone back to life, there will be dire consequences. Don’t do it, man!

3. Don’t mess with the Salvatore Brothers

The bond between Damon and Stefan (Paul Wesley) is stronger than ever. They know that their mother wants to turn them against each other, and they are having none of it. Watch out, adopted Heretic kids. Their plan to seek revenge will be nothing short of spectacular.

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4. Enzo apparently has the hots for Mama Salvatore

Enzo (Michael Malarkey) confesses to Lily Salvatore that he doesn’t want her to be his mother, but to be his lover. AWKWARD. Even more awkward, Lily is totally into it. However, Enzo’s affection doesn’t seem entirely truthful, but more like the beginning of another one of his evil schemes.

5. Caroline will be engaged in 3 years, but not to Stefan.

WHAT?! The OMG moment of the episode was during the 3 year time jump to the future, when Caroline is seen working like a boss a la “The Newsroom,” and it is revealed that she is not only not engaged to Stefan, but that she hates him more than anything. RIP Stefaline.

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