kat graham scarlett byrne tvd The Vampire Diaries: Rayna rises, Damon gets a new bedmate

Prepare yourselves, Delena shippers. Now that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has murdered the love of his life, he’s apparently single and ready to mingle with the first vampire that wanders into his bedroom.

After the effects of the Phoenix Stone forced Damon to accidentally burn Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) body to ashes, you probably expected Damon to wallow in his heartbreak a little longer. However, in true Damon fashion, we find the most volatile Salvatore lying in the middle of the road, waiting for an unsuspecting victim.

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Damon has gone off the rails big time now that Elena is gone for good, and without anything to live for, he’s a mix between a murderous psychopath and a cynic with a death wish. The quickest path to death in Mystic Falls is, of course, picking a fight with Julian (Todd Lasance), which Damon does by decapitating one of Julian’s men.

Stefan (Paul Wesley), ever worried for her brother’s life, rushes to help him. Unfortunately, brotherly love can only go so far, and Stefan leaves Damon in the dust after finding out about Elena’s fate. It’s been a while since we got a good old-fashioned Stelena scene up in here, and this one totally counts.

Stefan does manage to kill Julian, at long last, for all the terrible things he’s done to Valerie, Damon and now indirectly to Elena.

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This week’s episode, “Postcards from the Edge,” did manage to bring Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) and Stefan closer together.

The future romance that Steroline fans have been dreading is finally taking shape in the present, and it’s tearing Stefan further and further from his pregnant girlfriend’s side. Let’s just hope that Caroline’s (Candice King) babies don’t magically desiccate her from the inside out before Stefan can return to her side.

Finally, Bonnie’s trip to find Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff) with the heretics ends in disaster when Enzo (Michael Malarkey) appears to kidnap Rayna and return her youth to her. Did anyone else notice how she was reborn in fire? Almost like… a phoenix?

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