Things got kind of crazy on Friday's (Feb. 3) episode of "The Vampire Diaries," with the cure switching hands so many times and so many hearts getting ripped out of chests.

At first, we were pretty preoccupied with Enzo (Michael Malarkey) literally dying right in front of Bonnie (Kat Graham) to focus on much else -- but Bonenzo might not be the only ship left in jeopardy thanks to the events of "You Made A Choice To Be Good."

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To save herself (and Elena), Bonnie stabbed Stefan (Paul Wesley) with the cure, turning him human for the first time since 1864.

While that decision totally screwed up the plan to turn Cade (Wole Parks) mortal in order to defeat him, we kind of have to give Bonnie a round of applause. If anyone needs to be human, it's Stefan. When he's got his humanity on, he's a great guy -- but when it's off, he's pretty much the thing of nightmares. For the past 170 years, he's fallen off the wagon over and over again, only to get back on and fall off again. This is a vicious cycle that will literally never end, and turning him human fixes that.

There's also the fact that Stefan has repeatedly said how much he hates being a vampire. He pretty much referred to it as a one-way ticket to hell, actually. For Stefan, becoming human is the only option left if he wants to have a happy, normal life. A life that was never in the cards for him as a vampire.

And now we come to the kind of terrifying bump in the road: Caroline (Candice King).

While Stefan has spent the last few episodes bemoaning his fate as a vampire, Caroline has spent them gushing about how great it is.

It makes her feel strong and in control, and she's never been one of those self-loathing vampires who focuses on the doom and gloom or loses control of her hunger for blood. Caroline was practically built to be a vampire when you think about it, and she's always preferred it to being human. Before she turned, her human life lacked a certain drive and purpose, but once Caroline became a vampire she established a real and quite wonderful identity.

If given the choice, we're not sure she'd give it up -- even for Stefan.

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It's a moot point in any case because the only way for her to become human is suck the cure out of Stefan, which would instantly age him the 150+ years he's been a vampire. A rotting corpse does not make for a very handsome groom.

So does this mean Steroline is finito? Or will they just have to live out the scenario Enzo and Bonnie were mulling over, where one of them is an ageless, bloodsucking teenager, and the other grows old and dies? As quaint as that sounds, we're not sure we'll be into it when Stefan is looking like a 55-year-old dude and Caroline's still a bubbly, blonde schoolgirl.

Not to mention, how eager will Caroline be to marry Stefan now that he's murdered the love of her best friend's life? We can't imagine Bonnie being stoked to take on maid of honor duties when the groom just robbed her of the one person she wanted to live happily ever after with.

When all is said and done, will our epic Steroline June Wedding happen after all?

"The Vampire Diaries" airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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