After two advertisers dropped their support of “The View” — following two of the show’s panelists criticizing Miss America contestant Kelley Johnson, who talked about being a nurse — the show is trying hard to get back on the good side of healthcare workers.

On Friday’s (Sept. 18) episode of the series, dozens of nurses were invited onto the stage to talk about their jobs and the issues they face on a daily basis.

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“The truth of the matter is there are countless heroic nurses and countless Kelley Johnsons that are impacting our lives every minute of every day, without so much as a whisper,” NYU College of Nursing Clinical Assistant Professor Larry Slater says. “They’re not doing it for the recognition, they’re doing it for their passion and their love and the impact they can have on those they care for.”

Kellie Bryant, Director of Simulation Learning, adds, “Being a nurse is physically challenging, it’s mentally challenging, it’s emotionally challenging. Because we’re dealing with life or death situations on a daily basis.”

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Putting a bit of a fun spin on the segment, Bryant brought stethoscopes for the show’s hosts, after Joy Behar was taken to task for referring to them as “doctors’ stethoscopes.” “One thing that became abundantly clear to me this week was that nurse’s wear stethoscopes,” she jokes.

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