Another week on "The Voice" means another incredible performance from Jordan Smith -- who has to be considered the clear frontrunner to win the competition at this point.

Rather than taking on a pop hit, this week Smith decided to reach back to his roots with a cover of the gospel song "Great is Thy Faithfulness." Not only did Smith's own powerful voice carry the song, but he was center stage as the only musician of the piece as well, accompanying himself on the piano.

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After yet another standing ovation from the judges -- and a hug from Adam Levine -- there was nothing but gratitude shown to Smith.

"Coming off the weekend and the horrible things that happened over in Paris and kind of having a heavy heart the past few days," Blake Shelton begins. "Thank you for that. It was beautiful."

Giving up any pretense of cheering on his own competitors over Smith, Pharrell instructed the audience, "I think everybody needs to go to iTunes right now, I don't care about the vote, go to iTunes right now and buy this song from this guy right now. That's it."

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"Sometimes there's so much about the world that's so confusing and so sad and then you come along and make us feel like there's a lot of hope," Levine says. "There's just this two-and-a-half minutes we listen to this guy singing and all of a sudden get to feel this sense of rejuvenation and jot that -- for a minute -- you don't think you're going to get to feel again."

Can anyone on "The Voice" possibly catch Smith at this point?

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