After a night of blind audition that were met with mixed reactions from the coaches, "The Voice" finally found a star with the final singer of the night -- Ryan Quinn.

After explaining that he teaches music to children who have gone through traumatic experiences, Quinn took the stage to find a rendition of Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" -- and it was a slow burn to become one of the best blind auditions yet.

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After starting his performance in a falsetto voice, which earned a turn of the chair from Christina Aguilera, Quinn unleashed the full power of his booming voice. It didn't take long for the rest of the coaches to follow suit and spin their chairs in hopes of landing him on their team.

"The style that you sing with resonates with each one of us on a different level," Pharrell explained after each coach made their case. "There's nothing that's going to go wrong with you. Goodwill is rewarded in the end."

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While he said in his pre-performance interview that Pharrell was his judge of choice, Quinn picked Adam Levine to be his coach through the competition.

That didn't sit well with Aguilera, who was the first person to turn around for him. "You just broke my heart," she tells Quinn. "Did you come here to break my heart, Ryan?"

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Broken heart or not, the singer is looking to be in good shape given the auditions that have come along so far.

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