After Monday (Nov. 24) night’s “The Voice,” it’s clear that Matt McAndrew knows he has to show the fans some love if he wants to get some of that love back.

The Team Adam singer opened up the show with an absolutely solid performance of Coldplay’s “Fix You” — which is almost always a crowd pleaser — but what he should really be getting props for is his audience interaction.

McAndrew started his performance standing still on a dark stage, but as soon as the beat picked up, he shouted, “Let’s go,” and immediately ran towards the crowd and started singing to everyone around him while holding their hands.

The thing is, he didn’t stop there. All of the sudden he ran to a different place and hugged a complete stranger. Then he moved on to another section and started shaking people’s hands. And then, at one point, he could be heard saying, “Hey” to someone he passed by.

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Of course, the real show stopper — and probably the moment that melted hearts all over the place — was when McAndrew got on his knees and held the hand of a woman in the audience while he serenaded her. Little to say, McAndrew most definitely left an impression.

“A lot of that wasn’t scripted,” McAndrew tells Zap2it after his performance. “I knew I was going to go down in the crowd, but I ended the song and I was just supposed to sing on stage. But I’m like, ‘I’m going to sing this to somebody.’ … And I love that. That’s like my life force. That’s what I’m here for.”

And although McAndrew’s performance could have come off as cheesy and fake, it felt extremely genuine and heartfelt. He made the audience and the viewers at home feel like they were a part of his world. And, honestly, that’s what you have to do to win “The Voice.”

Posted by:Casey Rackham