During “The Voice”s’ Top 12 performances on Monday (April 13), Team Christina contestant India Carney took to the stage to sing “Take Me to Church.” Besides the fact that the Hozier tune is a radio favorite, it should sound quite familiar since Season 7 finalist Matt McAndrew sang the same song during last season’s Top 12 performance.

For Carney, “Take Me to Church” was definitely an out-of-the-box choice considering she’s kept to more slowed-down, soulful songs where she can illustrate the control she has. As she says in a clip prior to her performance, she chose the song to prove that she can break away from her perfectionist tendencies and lose control during a raw performance.

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However, it’s interesting that she chose that song considering it was definitely McAndrew’s first break-out performance of his season, which can be seen below. McAndrew ended up coming in second place on Season 7 after growing a large fanbase. By Carney following in his footsteps, she’s making a statement and saying, “Guess what? I’m that good, too.”

She definitely put everything she had into the song and made a point to interact with the crowd — something else that McAndrew was known for on “The Voice” — but was she as good as McAndrew was? Vote for either McAndrew or Carney to pick who took “Take Me to Church” to the next level.

Posted by:Casey Rackham