Poor, Blake Shelton. He must be crying into his pillow right about now.

Considering Shelton has the most “Voice” wins to date, it’s a little surprising that he let young (and seriously quirky) Hannah Kirby slip through his fingers during Tuesday (March 10) night’s battle rounds.

Although it definitely makes sense that he would match up Hannah and Sarah Potenza since the power in both of their voices is pretty much earthquake-inducing, it’s still shocking that he let the younger of the two go. After all, everyone should know by now that Shelton has a habit of turning young singers into “Voice” finalists and winners.

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During the above performance — which, as Pharrell Williams says, is more of a duel than a battle — Hannah is able to more than hold her own against Sarah’s maturity and experience and prove that she has crazy potential. She also proves she has some seriously insane and weird dance moves that only she could pull off.

As soon as Shelton picks Sarah for the next round of competition, it takes mere seconds for Adam Levine and Williams to press their buttons for a steal. In the end, Williams snags Hannah, which means there are going to be some awesomely funky and epically chilling performances ahead for “Voice” viewers. 

Posted by:Casey Rackham