carson daly red carpet 3 nc 325 'The Voice's' Carson Daly: 'There is just snarky television'Zap2it: Are you enjoying “The Voice”?

Carson Daly: It’s been a dream come true professionally, and personally, for my family. We were not sure about the fate of my late-night show, I just had a son and it came at a good time, workwise. People thought we were crazy to put another singing competition on.

Zap2it: Speaking of which, the market is so crowded with singing competitions. Why do you think this has taken off when others haven’t?

Carson Daly: We loved it, too, and we have to give credit to John de Mol and the guys who did it in Holland. That is where it was on and we fell in love with it, too. We just liked the pureness of it, hearkening back. There is just snarky television. Does it even pay off to do anything for the right reasons? Is there a place for pure? In this day where you have to be beautiful and popular, yeah, they can sing, but what do they look like?

Zap2it: Have you picked a winner?

Carson Daly: If you had asked me, ‘Would Nicholas David (a finalist in Season 3) make it down the stretch?’ I would have said no. People come out of the woodwork. Certain people get better in the process; they really do.

Zap2it: The fun is the return to the purity of the music. Anything else?

Carson Daly: It’s the power shift — a 24-year-old sandwich maker, and he gets three chairs to turn around. Now they are in it for the right reason, and he, all of a sudden, he gets to interview them. And where else do you get that shift in power? Multimillionaires interviewed by a kid who makes sandwiches for a living.�

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler