usher gallery 325 'The Voice's' Usher considers himself 'a consigliere of life experience'Zap2it: Since you came to people’s attention on “Star Search,” do talent contests like “The Voice” hold a special place in your heart?

Usher: It is a real story of evolution for me. I was once the artist you are mentoring. This one is almost like the preparation for future superstars. The lesson that we teach, that other people watching at home can apply, it’s not just s*** that helps them in career but s*** that helps them in life.

: What is your approach in working with talent?

Usher: I am all about pushing my talent. I am not going to make this s*** easy for them. There is great sacrifice for the mettle that I have been able to sustain as long a career as I have had. It is very hard work. It should eventually be a breeze. They have got to prepare and study and understand it is not just about getting on the stage and singing. And it is a little bit of who we all are as artists, and one thing that is consistent is dedication and passion. They want to get invested in you if you really believe in yourself. Some of our greatest moments come out of having great supporters and mentors. Those are the most valuable moments. I consider myself a consigliere of life experience.

Zap2it: Why is this considered such an opportunity for an unknown singer?

Usher: The fact that you have over double-digit millions watching you at home, that is not to be taken for granted.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler