While the plight of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his rag-tag group of survivor friends might be what keeps us tuning into "The Walking Dead" week after week, there's something everyone needs to fess up to: We simply can't get enough of the zombies.

After all, "The Walking Dead" is a zombie show. If it got rid of the zombies, what would the point be? They show up in a variety of ways, from single wanderers to teeming hordes that are easily the scariest thing on TV. However, not all walkers are evil. While fans have been exposed to thousands upon thousands of the literal walking dead, some of them stand far and above the rest of the pack as the most memorable and iconic the show has to offer.

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With that in mind, let's take a look at the absolute best zombies "The Walking Dead" has presented over its first seven season.

Bicycle Girl

First appearance: Season 1, episode 1

What makes her special: The Bicycle Girl was the first real major zombie to appear on "The Walking Dead." She managed to not only terrify apocalypse newbie Rick but leave an indelible mark on those watching the first episode of the show.

Little Girl

First appearance: Season 1, episode 1

What makes her special: While Bicycle Girl was the first notable zombie, it could be argued that the little girl is the most iconic. When Rick realized that even this small child could be the thing that kills and eats him, it enlightened him to how bad off the world truly was.

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Well Walker

First appearance: Season 2, episode 4

What makes it special: In a world full of zombie killing, it's hard to forget the waterlogged zombie that simply bursts at the seams when pulled too far. This is one of the most graphic moments in all of "The Walking Dead" and yet we would watch it over and over.

Michonne's Pets

First appearance: Season 2, episode 13

What makes them special: The pets are a major piece from the comics brought to life perfectly, which is a nice thing for fans to see. However, they also show just how smart and fierce Michonne is as she uses them to disguise her own scent to move freely among the walkers.

Gas Mask Walker

First appearance: Season 3, episode 1

What makes him special: "The Walking Dead" has done some very strange things to zombies but even we were caught off-guard when Rick removed this particular zombie's gas mask -- and with it came his face! You'd think losing a face might slow you down, but not this walker!

Aquarium of Heads

First appearance: Season 3, episode 4

What makes it special: Beyond the shock of seeing so many disembodied walker heads alive and floating in fish tanks, this particular moment gave some seriously haunting insight into the Governor. While nobody likes zombies, this was one of the first signs of something far darker at play with this character.

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The Lori-Eater

First appearance: Season 3, episode 5

What makes him special: We've seen zombies snacking on people throughout "The Walking Dead's" long run but this was the first time we actually saw one that devoured a person whole. What's worse, the person it devoured was Rick's wife Lori. Rick got some measure of revenge by killing it but that stuffed stomach is a sight he -- and we -- will never forget.

Penny Blake

First appearance: Season 3, episode 5

What makes her special: While we knew how depraved the Governor could be, Penny also showed us his surprisingly softer, and far more insane, side. Though his own daughter had been turned into a zombie, he couldn't bring himself to kill her. Instead he lived for the moments he could pretend she was still his little girl.

Spike Walker

First appearance: Season 7, episode 10

Why makes him special: Just when you think you've seen it all, Jadis and her community of scavengers built their own weaponized walker, taking a zombie and covering it in armor and spikes. The outcome is a sight to behold -- and makes a nasty impression on Rick when he pierces his hand on one of the spikes, trying to fend the monster off...

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