One month after viewers watched Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) crush the skulls of Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), "The Walking Dead" has finally followed up with the people that mattered most to them: Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green).

While Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and most of the survivors are getting by in Alexandria -- with regular visits from Negan -- Maggie and Sasha have found a home in the Hilltop Colony and by the looks of things are on their way to running the place after the Nov. 20 episode, "Go Getters."

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For fans of the comic, this is the moment they've been waiting for. When Glenn was killed, a pregnant Maggie was clearly crushed. The man she loved more than life itself was obliterated and it destroyed her. That feeling was only temporary, though.

While there is still some serious grieving for Maggie to do, this is the event that empowers her to become a leader in her own right. After all, she's got a baby to protect and without Glenn there to help, she's essentially on her own.

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While Sasha may be there to assist, this is the time Maggie learns to trust herself above all others: Where her inner strength comes out like a force of nature.

That much was clear in the way she dealt with Hilltop's leader Gregory (Xander Berkeley). Maggie refuses to go anywhere and when it's clear to her that Gregory is nothing but a pushover where Negan and the Saviors are involved, she sees that weakness. It's a weakness Jesus (Tom Payne) sees as well.

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Gregory may think he's a leader and he's been able to more or less keep the peace so far. What's coming though, is just not something he's going to be able to handle. After all, he's been nice and safe in his museum since the apocalypse started. He can't fully comprehend what life is like outside of Hilltop's walls.

Maggie can. What's more, she's been through the absolute worst the world has had to offer. Her entire family is dead, she's lost friends left and right, and been at the mercy of absolutely disgusting humans. Now more than ever is her time to fight back.

With Sasha, another woman who has been through far too much bad in this world, at her side, they could prove to be unstoppable.

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Grab a notepad, Rick. These two are about to show you how to really take the fight to Negan.

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