We're a little under half a year until "The Walking Dead" returns for its seventh season. While fans continue to mull over which unlucky member of the group has fallen victim to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), stars Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln appeared on Thursday's (May 26) Red Nose Day special and things got a little wacky.

Dressed in red robes -- because white would make it such a hassle to keep clean, what with all that blood -- the two are seen pondering the darkness that comes with the popular genre show. With milkshakes in hand, it's not long before Lincoln imagines a different sort of zombie series.

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"The Walking Dead: Red Nose Day Special" is an amalgamation of every internet nerd's Mountain Dew-fueled dreams. Where else would one dream up casting Jeff Goldblum as Daryl Dixon's father while putting Dax Shepard and Chris Hardwick in Han Solo outfits? Don't even get us started on Steven Yeun and his zombified ventriloquist dummy ...

While this "shant" ever be a real thing, one has to wonder how exactly all these pieces will fit. Shout out to Merle's hand!

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