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It’s a moment fans of “The Walking Dead” who are familiar with the comics have been dreading for six seasons, but there’s no way anyone could have seen it coming. After surviving, finding love and becoming a leader in his own right, Glenn (Steven Yeun) has taken his final bow — or has he?

In the final moments of the third episode of Season 6, “Thank You,” it looked like Glenn’s luck had run dry as he tumbled into a herd of walkers with Nicholas (Michael Traynor), who had just killed himself. It looks as if Glenn screams out in pain while the walkers rip his guts out and start in on their human feast. Is it actually him they’re eating though — or the dead corpse of Michael?

The camera angles make it difficult to tell. While on first glance it seems Glenn is a goner, there are a few things that just don’t add up on repeat viewing. ‘

Firstly, the location on the body that the walkers seem to be pulling intestines from is in his chest area — not where your stomach resides. However, if Nicholas fell down on top of him, which seems like it could have been the case, it could definitely be his guys that zombies are using as snack time.

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There’s also the matter of how puffy Glenn’s chest seems to be in the shot where the walkers start to dig through his flesh. The way the moment was filmed makes Glenn look a lot thicket in that region than normal — this could easily be explained away by there being another person on top of him.

Of course, the driving force behind the idea that it wasn’t Glenn who died is how he meets his end in the comics. According to the graphic novels of “The Walking Dead,” Glenn is killed by Negan, the leader of a group called the Saviors. Thus far, neither Negan nor the group have been introduced, but fans have been waiting for the moment with baited breath. Nobody wants to see Glenn die, but it’s such a major moment in the source material that it seemed to be a foregone conclusion to most.

Would the show take such a drastic turn from established canon — and a moment fans of the comics have been looking forward to seeing come to life for years — and leave Glenn to become walker feed? If they did, it was at least fitting that he called Rick a “dumba** in their final conversation — just as he did their their first chat back in the pilot.

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If it was Nicholas that became lunch though, what happens to Glenn once the walkers eat their way through Nicholas?

It’s entirely possible there’s enough room underneath the dumpster the two were standing on for him to hide until the walkers lose interest and wander away. Who’s to say that will happen, though? With such a large herd converging on the area, even if he did manage to survive that initial onslaught, who’s to say he’s any safer underneath a dumpster on wheels?

This is where you — the “Walking Dead” fans — come into play. What do you think happened? Is Glenn dead or will he somehow live to fight another day — should the rest of the group find him, that is? Sound off in the poll below.


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