It's been one of the hottest debates all summer long -- outside of that whole president thing. Who did Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) kill on "The Walking Dead"? With a line of potential victims, just about everyone on the show is fair game.

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Everyone except Carol (Melissa McBride) and Morgan (Lennie James), that is. Those two characters are off on their own very dangerous adventure and appear to be safe from Negan and Lucille for now. Just who is going to have their head bashed in, though? You can argue your personal pick until you're blue in the face, but perhaps it's time to look at the facts. Take a look at the latest clip from the Season 7 premiere below, then check out our betting odds. If you really want to figure out who's getting their head bashed in, you should definitely have all the facts.

Rick - 1000/1

Listen, it's not going to be Rick. You know it's not going to be him and so do we. After all, you've seen the trailer that shows the aftermath of Lucille's deeds getting splattered all over his face. Something bad is going to happen to our fearless leader though, otherwise Negan wouldn't be dragging him into the camper.

Carl - 850/1

If Carl was the victim, it would be weird of Negan to threaten to cut out his other eye and feed it to Rick. Besides, he's far to the left of Rick and we're pretty sure the poor soul chosen is to his right.

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Eugene - 500/1

Eugene is even further to Rick's left than Carl, so chances of him dying are slim. Besides, while Eugene dying would suck, its lasting impact on the group would be minimal. Eugene is lovable but he's not necessarily imperative to their survival.

Aaron - 400/1

Aaron is in danger and there's no telling whether he'll make it out of Season 7 alive, but it's not likely that this will be his time to go. After all, it would be largely inconsequential at this point.

Sasha - 400/1

Sasha is in the same boat as Aaron. While her death could come at any time, chances are she's going to survive the season premiere -- or at the very least this attack from Negan.

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Daryl - 300/1

Daryl may be to Rick's right but do you honestly think the show's producers would say goodbye to Norman Reedus? The actor is one of the most popular on the show and his character doesn't exist in the comics so the possibilities for him are endless.

Rosita - 100/1

Normally, Rosita would be along the same lines as Aaron and Sasha. Unfortunately of her, her placement in the lineup puts her in much more danger than them.

Michonne - 100/1

If producers were looking to make a major impact on the show that would shock viewers -- and that's something they love to do -- taking Michonne out would certainly do the trick. It would also be detrimental to Rick. Michonne's death would rock this show to the core. That doesn't mean it'll happen, though.

Maggie - 20/1

Maggie's odds aren't great. Granted, she's pregnant and it would be pretty vicious to kill off a woman and her unborn child. It's hard to argue with the latest trailer, though. The blood splatter on Rick's face looks like someone very close to him on the right. That person could very well be Maggie.

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Abraham - 2/1

Abraham is a likelier suspect, though. In fact, he seems to be the favorite to meet Lucille with many fans. His death would rattle the group and the lack of his physical presence would be a huge obstacle to overcome. He's also next to Maggie, which would explain the blood splatter. He's also in about the right spot for the puddle of goo that used to be a head from the last trailer.

Glenn - 2/1

What if it's not Abraham, though? In that case it would almost certainly be Glenn. In the comics, it's Glenn that Negan comes for and his death leads Maggie to becoming a much stronger character. They teased Glenn's death last season so don't be surprised if this time it's for real.

"The Walking Dead" returns Sunday (Oct. 23) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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