The Walking Dead Halloween Horror Nights

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 is currently filming, but Universal theme parks are helping fans experience AMC’s hit drama before the series returns. For the fourth year in a row, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort will host “The Walking Dead”-inspired mazes during Halloween Horror Nights.

Season 5 will inspire this year’s mazes, though both the Orlando and Hollywood parks are offering up different experiences. In Orlando, the HHN team is going to place guests in Season 5, episode 2’s food bank scene by surrounding them with hundreds of gallons of water while walkers attack.

In Hollywood, “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far” maze is the longest maze the West Coast team ever created. It’s trumpeted as featuring “twice as many, never-before-seen walkers and will be situated within an entirely new theme park location.”

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Among the scenes being recreated in the mazes are the Terminus compound and the Del Arno Food warehouse, while hordes of zombies with “W” carved into their foreheads try to attack guests.

“I couldn’t be more delighted to continue and expand ‘The Walking Dead’ universe with Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando than by having fans experience some of the most harrowing and suspenseful moments of our show,” Greg Nicotero, executive producer and special effects makeup supervisor for “The Walking Dead,” says in a statement. “‘Halloween Horror Nights’ is the gold standard to which all other Halloween-themed events try to emulate, so to bring authentic walkers to this event, alongside other horror greats, is the ultimate thrill.”

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off on Friday, Sept. 18.


Posted by:Terri Schwartz