We’re totally stoked to see Sonequa Martin-Green (best known for her role on “The Walking Dead” as Sasha Williams) nab the leading role in the new CBS All Access’ drama, “Star Trek: Discovery.” There’s no one we’d rather seeing exploring the final frontier.

But does this mean Sasha is slated for death on “The Walking Dead?” Not necessarily.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Martin-Green will continue to serve as a series regular on “The Walking Dead,” which is encouraging news.

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Filming for “Stark Trek: Discovery” is rumored to begin in early 2017, which conveniently falls in the off-season of “The Walking Dead’s” filming schedule. Martin-Green could conceivably film all 13 ordered episodes of her new series and be back in Atlanta to begin filming “The Walking Dead’s” eighth season by summer.

Even if the two shows did overlap, it wouldn’t be too tough a hurdle to tackle logistically. Between Alexandria, The Hilltop, Oceanside, The Kingdom, the Saviors’ Fortress and all the various characters in each location, “The Walking Dead” is spreading itself a little thin. We can go weeks without seeing certain characters while the show focuses on one or two storylines, which only means good things for Sasha. While Martin-Green is tied up filming in Toronto for “Stark Trek: Discovery,” Sasha can retreat into the anonymity of off-screen activities, leaving no need for her to be brutality murdered or eaten alive by walkers.

On the other hand, “The Walking Dead” isn’t exactly squeamish about killing off main characters, and if shooting schedules do conflict, the easiest option would probably be to give Sasha a swan song.

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On top of being an original character instead of coming directly from the comic canon, Sasha has survived almost four whole seasons on the zombie drama so far. That’s a long time for anyone to stick around (whose name isn’t Rick or Daryl), so she’s already living on borrowed time.

We’d love to see Martin-Green juggle both shows like the pro she is, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on Sasha as Season 7 crawls to a close.

“The Walking Dead” returns Feb. 12, 2017 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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