wendy williams the wendy williams show 'The Wendy Williams Show' moves host away from 'loud' and 'obvious' fashion

Of all the perks that come with being on TV, having a wonderful wardrobe with perfect accessories has to be at the top of the list.

And Wendy Williams, whose eponymous talk show airs weekdays on BET and in syndication, is genuinely happy when she opens up her closet.
“I like a dress,” Williams tells Zap2it, who is rarely seen in pants on TV.
“I don’t decide what I am going to wear until I get in in the morning,” she says. Before Williams selects from the racks of dresses, skirts, blouses and sweaters — all in graduated hues — every item is prepped. They are organized in a way that would do a drill sergeant with OCD proud. 

“Everything on the rack is tailored and fitted, and she feels like it is her idea even though it is really my idea,” says wardrobe stylist Memsor Kamarake. “She knows she can pull anything and knows it fits. It is her whim.” 
The shoe collection alone would make most women drool. She has the same Louboutins in flats and heels, though at 5 feet, 11 inches, Williams finds heels are not necessities. “While the heels are sexy, the flats are practical,” Williams says. 

And Williams dresses to her body type. “Anything with a stretch to it, anything Lycra, you don’t have to tailor,” Kamarake says. Like many women, she is a different size on top than on bottom.
Williams has many dresses by designer Angela Dean.
wendy williams the wendy williams show green dress 'The Wendy Williams Show' moves host away from 'loud' and 'obvious' fashion
“They have been so popular, she calls them the Wendy Williams dress,” Kamarake says. 
“They come in a myriad of colors, made to measure and travel well,” he says. “We can literally roll 15 of them in a bag and are good to go (for) any event she is going to that calls for simple, quick changes. There’s boat neck, V-neck. When you find something you like, what is wrong with replicating it?”
Besides shopping sales in department stores and going with Williams’ favored designers, including DVF, Donna Karan and Norma Kamali, Kamarake draws from his experience of working for fashion magazines and looks for burgeoning designers such as LaQuan Smith, who made this skirt from PVC.
“Wendy saw that skirt ages ago and loved it. Loved it,” Kamarake says.
wendy williams the wendy williams show holiday 'The Wendy Williams Show' moves host away from 'loud' and 'obvious' fashion
“For holiday week, we went with black and sparkles. It’s very 1950s housewife with a subversive edge. That describes the overall nature of Wendy in daytime.”
Kamarake looks for V-necks and scoop necks that don’t close her in. 
“Knowing you cannot get away from Wendy’s breasts, so we don’t shy away from it,” he says, “but we pay attention to daytime’s rules.”
He’s helped Williams’ look evolve.
“We moved away from loud and, dare I say, obvious,” Kamarake says. “When I first encountered [her], it came across as loud and brash. She came across as loud and sophisticated but still needs to be playful because that is what her personality is. She is still this girl from Jersey.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler