the west wing cast nbc 1 'The West Wing' reunion: Martin Sheen and Dule Hill shake hands like the 'cool kidz'
It’s true — the cast of “The West Wing” did have a not-so-mini reunion this week, and, mostly because there is an actual Instagram video involved, it’s everything fans could have dreamed of and more.

On Tuesday (Jan. 13), former “West Wing” writer Eli Attie tweeted out a glorious photo of Bradley Whitford, Dule Hill, Richard Schiff, Joshua Malina, Allison Janney, Dule Hill and Mary McCormack — yes, that many cast members reunited — sitting together and being cool.

So why were they all hanging out together? According to Attie, they were all doing something with Funny or Die, which means that fans are probably going to get to enjoy another laugh-out-loud sketch from President Bartlet’s motley crew sometime soon.

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Of course, Attie wasn’t the only “West Wing”-er to share a picture of the group; even Hill got in on the action.

And that’s not all. Hill also posted what has to be one of the most hilarious videos that anyone has ever posted ever. (Well, by “West Wing” standards, anyways.) Why? Well, because it’s totally Hill and Sheen teaching Schiff how they like to shake hands.

Yup — that just happened. President Bartlet and Charlie Young just taught Toby Ziegler how “cool kidz” greet each other.

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Posted by:Casey Rackham