david duchovny gillian anderson x files fox The X Files is putting a new twist on its own mythology

The debut of a brand new season of “The X-Files” is close at hand and to make your Friday (Dec. 11) go by just a little bit quicker, FOX has shared a new look at the upcoming six-episode event series, featuring interviews with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, along with creator Chris Carter.

While everyone is quick to point out that the show is back as a result of die-hard fans who never gave up hope of seeing Mulder (Duchovny) and Scully (Anderson) again, don’t expect a retread of the past with the new episodes.

“Our show can go a lot of different ways and the fans, I think, like all the those ways that it goes,” Duchovny says. “I like the twist Chris put on the mythology”

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The alien conspiracy mythology is central to the story and will be featured in the first and last installments of the new episode. Carter explains, “We are playing with this mythology in a whole new way and the government’s secreting about evidence of extraterrestrials might come into play.”

It won’t all by mythology, though. “I knew there was a big interest from fans to see more monster stuff,” Anderson says. That’s why the remaining four episodes will serve as standalone mysteries for Mulder and Scully to solve.

Rest assured, the truth is still out there. It simply remains to be seen if either of these former FBI agents will ever actually find it.

“The X-Files” returns Sunday, Jan. 24, on FOX.

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