The Lone Gunmen on 'The X-Files'

With the return of “The X-Files” comes many familiar faces you probably never expected to see again. Among those are the fan-favorite characters the Lone Gunmen (Bruce Harwood,
Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund).

When the trio was last seen on “The X-Files” in Season 9, they were very dead. With them set to return for the show though, fans have been wondering exactly how it would be explained. Series creator Chris Carter let a little information about their resurrection slip during a panel for the revival at the 2016 TCA winter press tour Friday (Jan. 15).

“[There’s] no talk about spinoffs of any sort just now, but the Lone Gunmen are back,” he says. “They did meet their makers, so to speak, in the original series, but I think the way you see them return will explain itself … they return in a fantasy sequence.”

How exactly that sequence will come along remains to be seen, but it sounds like they’ll be relegated to a dream sequence, rather than actually being found alive.

It should be noted that in the non-canonical Season 10 comic books series, it’s discovered that the Lone Gunmen never actually died at all. That said, the show will not be using those continued stories as part of its mythology.

“The X-Files” returns Sunday, Jan. 24 on FOX.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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