“There Goes the Motherhood” took a deep dive in week 6, in that the women were tasked with talking about their relationships with their own mothers. It was an emotional roller coaster for many of them and made for what is easily the most honest and real episode of the series so far. Big thumbs up to all the women — this week, they could (almost) all be ranked No. 1.

1. Leah Forester, up 2 spots

leah forester there goes the motherhood There Goes the Motherhood power rankings week 6: Everyone is awesome, what is happening?!

Pros: She gets brutally honest about her mother, with whom she did not have a great relationship. Basically her family was an on-going cycle of hyper-critical moms who could be incredibly mean.

Leah is determined not to be that way with her daughter, but Jade makes it hard because she’s so headstrong, rambunctious and stubborn — Jade is very much like a mini-Leah. It triggers Leah to respond like her mother, which scares her a little because her mom was very negative. She works hard to be positive and supportive.

Cons: Not really any this episode. She does some great work on both herself and her relationship with Jade.

t-2. Jen Bush and Beth Bowen, up 4 and 3 spots, respectively

Pros: These two not only open up about losing their moms, but they kind of bond over it. It’s nice. Also, Beth reaches out to her daughter Caila about the divorce and how Caila is dealing with it, while Jen talks to her father about her mother and also possibly having another child (this one on her own). It’s great all around.

Cons: Again, not really any. Everyone did so great this episode.

4. Meghan Conroy-Resich, down 2 spots

Pros: Meg had a great relationship with her mom, which taught her not to be so uptight as a mother. She says she just doesn’t get too stressed if her kids haven’t had a bath today or eat ice cream for dinner. It’s kind of awesome. Plus, she and Nick talk about having a fourth kid and even if they aren’t sure, it’s a very healthy discussion, not a fight.

She also invites the psychic to her house to read Dempsey and cleanse his room. It’s hilarious.

Cons: Some might see the psychic thing as a negative, but we found it immensely entertaining.

5. Stefanie Fair and Alisa Starler, down 4 and down 1, respectively

Pros: Not much, though it’s not their fault. They aren’t heavily featured this episode. Stefanie has date night with her husband, but it’s fairly uneventful. Her husband does reveal he’s planning a show for her, but that won’t come to fruition until next week’s episode.

Cons: See above.

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