Now that “Empire” is back on the air to play out the rest of season 3, our lives are suddenly seem richer, more exciting. There’s drama, music, love, backstabbing, scheming… yelling. Lots of yelling.

It also means Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) is back, and looking fiercer than ever. It’s as if the woman has a different outfit for every camera cutaway. Whether it’s schooling her children on how to drop a hot beat, smashing up Lucious’ office, or impressing a politician’s impossible mother, Cookie’s got not just just an outfit for it, she’s got an entire look. And for that, we thank her (and “Empire’s” wardrobe department).

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But surprisingly (or disappointingly, however you look at it), we’ve only been treated to one “I need to look fly STAT so let’s do a wardrobe change” montage so far in season 3, right before Cookie goes to the opera with Angelo (Taye Diggs). In it, Cookie went from Uptown Class to Downtown Sass in a matter of minutes, ultimately landing on an outfit that definitely made heads turn.

Given the glamorous gaggle of guest stars already announced for the back half of the season — Nia Long, Mariah Carey, Eva Longoria, Rumer Willis, Demi Moore — Cookie is going to have to need to stay on her well-dressed toes, which means we’re expecting even more eye-popping pantsuits, gowns, coats, and accessories.

Let’s all pause, give thanks and look back on all the fabulous frocks that make up Cookie Lyons’ closet…

It’s not the sole reason we (and the world) are so in love with Cookie — it’s impossible to resist her no-sh*ts-given attitude about, well, pretty much everything — but it doesn’t hurt that she knows how to dress perfectly for every circumstance, from uptown to beatdown.

“Empire” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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