“This Is Us” celebrated Thanksgiving in a much more realistic fashion that just about any show in years, complete with a shattered bowl of cranberry sauce, a flat tire, and some kind of racist grandparents. It did, however, still manage to make us believe that if we just try hard enough, we can enjoy Thanksgiving with our family, despite all the drama.

Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) discovery that Rebecca (Mandy Moore) has always known who and where his birth father was finally came out over the holiday, and the fight that ensued was appropriately massive.

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We’re eager to hear Rebecca’s excuse for her choice to keep this secret from Randall since she didn’t really get a word in edge-wise, but whatever it is, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be in a place to forgive her any time soon. In his eyes, his mother robbed him of a lifetime with his now dying biological father. That’s a pretty big hurdle to vault in a mother-son relationship.

Through all the family drama, however, our focus was pulled to Kate (Chrissy Metz) and her short adventure with a bout of nasty turbulence.

Spending all of Thanksgiving day in airports and on planes is pretty miserable in and of itself, but it’s especially so after breaking up with the boyfriend she’d just started to fall in love with.

When a surprising wind current hit her plane leading to a seriously scary 10 seconds of freefall, the woman in the seat next to Kate confessed that their near death experience had spurred her to finally divorce her cheating husband. Thinking she was about to die brought to light all the aspects of her life that were truly important to her — and those that weren’t. We figured Kate would follow suit and realize that Toby (Chris Sullivan) and her love for him should be a priority in her life instead of her ceaseless anxiety about her weight.

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Instead, this sudden brush with death prompted her to decide that she was finally going to get gastric bypass surgery.

So she nearly dies in a fiery plane crash, and her takeaway is to get surgery to help her lose weight?

It’s obviously a big choice for her, and one she’s been struggling with for a while, but we’re pretty sure Kate missed the point of that near death experience. If she continues to put her mission to lose weight above the relationships in her life that make her happy, then she’ll have no one to celebrate with when she finally does reach her goal weight.

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