“This Is Us” introduced a bit of a love triangle in its first season, pairing Kevin (Justin Hartley) with his costar, Olivia (Janet Montgomery), and then his playwright, Sloane (Milana Vayntrub).

Thus far, the show has avoided any hints of typical love triangle drama (jealousy, secrets, the ever-popular will they/won’t they), and we don’t imagine those kind of things will be incorporated to whatever story lies ahead for Kevin. For all the family drama in “This Is Us,” it’s not your typical soap opera.

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Still, we’re feeling very wishy-washy about which girl we’d prefer to see incorporated into Kevin’s storyline most:

Olivia is volatile, passionate and talented, and she makes a great match for Kevin on a creative level. She’s forced him to take a deeper look at himself and the world around him, and she’s obviously very dedicated to helping him create the best character he can for this play.

However, her endgame does seem a little selfish — she needs to play to do well too, after all — and the move she pulled on Thanksgiving was completely uncalled for. Snuggling up to your ex at your current boyfriend’s family cabin is beyond rude, and it indicates an emotional immaturity that is pretty troubling. Kevin is emotionally immature enough for three people, and he should probably grow a little as a person before trying to take on someone else’s baggage on top of his own.

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Sloane would be a perfect partner in that regard. She’s mature and insightful, and she’s got the struggling artist thing down without all the crazy drama. If Kevin is looking to grow up a little, she’d be a good person to do it with.

Unfortunately, now that he’s decided to partner with Sloane financially to put their play on, that relationship is ten times more complicated than before. Nothing’s simple when money is mixed in, and we foresee many creative differences in their future that could tear them apart.

Plus, while their relationship is cute, it doesn’t exactly carry the gravitas of his short fling with Olivia. That’s an important element in any relationship.

In the grand scheme of things, both girls are great options — but we’ll be most pleasantly surprised if Kevin decides to remain single and focus on his craft for the time being.

“This Is Us” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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