Ever since we saw Miguel (Jon Huertas) walk through the door with Rebecca in the second episode of “This Is Us,” we’ve been wondering what exactly brought Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) wife and best friend together.

The easy answer is that Jack died — which we now know happened sometime during the kids’ teen years — and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Miguel found comfort and eventually romance in each other’s arms after his passing. Still, we’ve been a teeny, tiny bit worried that Jack and Rebecca’s marriage might fall apart, which would create a much more suspenseful storyline for her and Miguel.

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Now that we’ve seen “I Call Marriage,” the fourteenth episode in a season of 18 episodes total, we’re comfortable enough to officially guess Jack and Rebecca are most likely not headed for a divorce. If they can share such tender moments of love and understanding so close to Jack’s death, we can’t imagine that they’ll encounter relationship trouble serious enough to cause a split, even considering Rebecca’s five-state tour.

Tuesday’s (Feb. 7) episode was divorce-themed, however, which didn’t help our anxiety about Jack and Rebecca at all. Luckily, that theme applied more directly to Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Miguel than to the Pearson parents.

Both of these divorced couples took alternate routes to the same destination: Kevin cheated on Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) 12 years ago, which ultimately led to the implosion of their marriage and their divorce. Miguel, however, freely admitted that he and his wife simply drifted apart and stopped noticing each other in the little ways that make a marriage successful. They were able to stay friends because of this less destructive breakdown of their marriage — a feat that eluded Kevin and Sophie. For goodness sake, Kevin had to fake a Facebook page just to stay up to date on Sophie’s life! That’s either stalker-y or super sweet.

Still, there seem to be a lot of unresolved feelings between Kevin and Sophie, which is frankly a good thing. In barely a handful of scenes, they’ve had more chemistry together than either of Kevin’s other love interests, so we’re crossing our fingers Sophie sticks around for a good, long while.

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One couple we’re not even sure will make it to divorce — much less down the aisle — is Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan).

Kate seems to be really making a breakthrough at “fat camp,” fully committing herself to the workouts, diets and lessons of self-discovery. Unfortunately, her intense focus on her weight has never been good for her relationship with the laid-back Toby, which causes yet another fight. Granted, Duke (Adam Bartley) taunting Toby about his “relationship” with Kate probably didn’t help, but this couple’s issues seem to run much deeper than that.

If Kate and Toby can’t find a happy middle ground, we’re not sure this engagement will survive the season.

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