Against all odds, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) survived the “This Is Us” finale, which means one of two things. He’s about to turn his life around and fix his relationship with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) … or he’s going to slowly but surely lose his wife to his best friend.

Ever since Miguel (Jon Huertas) showed up on Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) doorstep with Rebecca, we’ve been keeping a close eye on him in the flashbacks to see if he’ll make a move on her. We were destined to be disappointed, however. Besides a few throwaway comments about how great she is, Miguel has stayed squarely inside the bounds of appropriate behavior around his best friend’s wife.

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Now though, Rebecca and Jack are “taking some air” and Miguel has recently divorced his own wife in an amicable separation.We’d assume Jack and Miguel would wallow in their failed marriages together, but what if Miguel finds a different person to commiserate with?

There’s always the small possibility that Rebecca will lean on Miguel during her separation from Jack, especially since Miguel seems to agree with her about Jack’s drinking being a source of difficulty for them.

Jack’s ending monologue in the Season 1 finale seems to indicate that he and Rebecca have got quite a ways to go before their story ends: “You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca, you were my big break. And our love story — I know it may not feel like it right now, but baby — I promise you, it’s just getting started.” Sadly, we’re just not so sure.

We’d love to believe Jack’s romantic declaration, but we’re worried that the stress of the separation will impact his drinking, which will impact his behavior and which will impact their relationship and so on and so forth. It’s an endless cycle we can only hope he’ll break.

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One single ray of optimism we have about this conundrum is that in the short peek we got at Jack’s funeral, Rebecca is still faithfully wearing the moon necklace he bought for her in Episode 2. Seems like a strange thing to wear to an ex-husband’s funeral, even if only in memoriam. We’ve got to believe that this is a clue that they’re still together when Jack dies, instead of confirmation that they’re not.

Until we get actual evidence that any kind of affair (emotional or otherwise) occurred, we’re going to stick with the theory that Jack and Rebecca’s marriage will end with his untimely demise instead of divorce.

“This Is Us” is scheduled to return in the fall of 2017.

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