There are no better secret keepers in the world than the cast of “This Is Us,” considering that they all know how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) dies, and they’ve kept that info under lock and key this whole time.

Naturally, we grilled the cast about when they found out in hopes of gleaning new clues about his demise as well as how they felt about the choice to not reveal his death in the finale. They obviously evaded our efforts pretty skillfully, but it was still interesting to hear each actors’ take on the secret and where it’s going.

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“I think it’s kind of cool that we didn’t find out yet because we still have so much time to explore it, you know?” Susan Kelechi Watson says. “But it’s really cool that people got upset about it. It means that they’re tracking with us and they know exactly what they want and what they’re ready to see. They feel so strongly about Jack as a character that they just want to know what happened to him, so it’s really sort of a great thing to know that people are journeying with us in that way, where they feel really passionate about learning certain parts of the story.”

As for how the cast found out, it sounds like Milo Ventimiglia decided to share the secret with a few of his cast mates.

“I think Milo found out and then slowly percolated it around,” Chris Sullivan says. “I will tell you this: He dies exactly how you think he’s going to die … alien invasion.”

It’s nice to know you can always count on Chris/Toby to be the joker of the group.

According to Justin Hartley, we might have better luck grilling “This Is Us” showrunner Dan Fogelman, if we want answers about Jack. “Dan’s got an open door policy. You just ask him, he’ll tell you whatever he knows. It’s great you just go, ‘Hey, I want to know this’ and if you don’t want to know, tell him you don’t want to know. If you want to know, he’ll tell you. He’s great.”

We doubt he’d be so forthcoming with non-cast members, but hey, we’ll give it a try next time we corner Fogelman for an interview.

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As far as the drunk driving fake out — admit it, you totally believed we were getting a fiery, gruesome car crash in that finale — don’t feel bad if you were fooled. Even people closest to the cast fell for that trick.

“My sister was like, ‘I knew it! I knew he shouldn’t have driven!'” Chrissy Metz says. “And I’m like, ‘Just keep watching boo.’ That’s the brilliance of the writers. You’re heading left and they’re like, ‘Psych! We’re heading right.'”

“This Is Us” is scheduled to return in the fall of 2017.

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