“The Mick” is off to a pretty solid start on FOX, with Kaitlin Olson’s comedic chops on fine display as ne’er-do-well, barely adult Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy, buffeted by a terrific supporting cast in Carla Jimenez as Alba, Sofia Black D’Elia as Sabrina and Scott MacArthur as Mackenzie’s layabout boyfriend Jimmy.

However, one member of the supporting cast has kind of been off doing his own thing and it’s time to get him more involved.

Black D’Elia’s Sabrina makes a good foible for Mickey because they’re closer in age and have some party girl tendencies in common. But Thomas Barbusca’s Chip has been a bit underutilized and we’d like to see him get some meaty storylines with Mickey too.

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On Tuesday’s (Jan. 10) episode, Chip was around the house, but he was mostly concerned with kissing a girl for the first time, which led to viewers being treated to his ridiculous and hilarious attempts to woo his classmates. And in next week’s episode, he has a subplot involving a pony that’s also very funny, but again — off on his own.

Barbusca is very funny in his storylines, but he was such a wonderful little snot in 2015’s “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” on Netflix. “The Mick” could lean a little more into that side of Chip and stop relying on Sabrina to provide Mickey’s parenting problems.

It would also be fun to watch Mickey face off with someone who is so firmly ensconced in the middle ground between adult and child. No, Sabrina is not an “adult,” but she’s old enough to be involved in very adult situations — lots of sex with her older boyfriend, drinking shots of absinthe (actually cold medicine) with Mickey. And adorable little brother Ben (Jack Stanton) is only seven, so he’s firmly in child land.

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But Barbusca is old enough to present quite a conundrum for Mickey. She can’t treat Chip the way she treats Sabrina because he’s too young, but he’s definitely old enough to know what he’s doing and be schemed against in Mickey’s harebrained way.

So we hope “The Mick” can come up with some clever Mickey vs. Chip storylines the way it has invented some great Mickey vs. Sabrina ones.

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