Monday's (Oct. 24) episode of "Timeless," titled "Party at Castle Varlar," finds Lucy (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt (Matt Lanter) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) traveling back to Nazi Germany. It's an obvious point in history to visit, especially for any series that explores a time traveling mythos, such as this one.

And while Germany in WWII already paints a picture in one's mind, this specific episode will give it some James Bond flair as Sean McGuire will join our heroes as Ian Fleming, the author of the Agent 007 novels.

"We find him in 1944 when he was doing his day job as an MI-6 spy," McGuire tells Screener. "Fleming is fluent in German and masqueraded as a German guard to gain information... and do general espionage and cool spy stuff."

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While the gang is continuing their hunt for Garcia Flynn, it seems that their team will get a much-needed boost by Fleming -- spy skills and all.

nbc timeless sean mcguire abigail spencer ian fleming Sean McGuire brings his best Bond isms to Timeless

"Rufus has a question about, how does one spy? Can you spy on your friends without having a guilty conscience? So, there's an interesting dynamic there." McGuire continues, "There's an interesting dynamic with Wyatt because they're both two people who have lost people that they love and their feeling is... the rules say this, but I say to hell with it, let's do what we think is right!"

But what about Lucy? We all know Bond had a certain way with women in the films -- does that transfer over here? "With Lucy," McGuire says, "he respects her as a formidable agent because she's so quick and courageous. He has admiration for her and, obviously, flirts a little bit with her, too."

And if fans are curious where this version of Fleming ends and James Bond begins, McGuire assures us that notorious devil-may-care attitude will be there. "You can kind of see little traces that you would recognize as Bond-isms later down the line."

"Timeless" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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