Every woman needs a girlfriend who tells her the truth, no matter how painful.
Tionna Smalls is that girlfriend, as the host of MTV’s “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!” airing Mondays through Thursdays. She advises one young woman in each half-hour episode.
“Some singers went to school and trained their voice and know octaves,” Smalls tells Zap2it. “Me? I am a natural born relationship coach.”
Much of that comes from having confidence, which Smalls does.

“I love being curvy,” she says. “First of all, I look a lot bigger on TV. I am an average girl in Brooklyn, where I’m from.
“My motto is whether you are skinny or fat, if you are beautiful and you got confidence, you are going to pull any guy walking down the block. Trust me, I haven’t had any lonely nights.”

tvfash602 Tionna Smalls of 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right!': 'I love being curvy'
One of the many fashion rules Smalls flouts is the ban on horizontal stripes for anyone larger than a size 4. “It is a fashion risk, but I like taking fashion risks,” she says. “It hugged my body at the right places. When something is loose, it makes you look bigger. I love that it has a black lining and makes me look fit. Whether you are 800 pounds or 80 pounds, it is all about how you rock the stripe.”
She prefers gold accessories instead of silver, which is more often worn with black and white. “As a bigger girl, you can’t be wobbling; you look crazy,” she says, explaining her preference for platform heels. “I have pink lips and purple eyes; nothing wrong with playing with color, no matter what size you are.”
tvfash2602 Tionna Smalls of 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right!': 'I love being curvy'
“I can take off my blazer and go to a club after,” she says. “The sequined dress gives it a more Tionna-esque look.” The simple Louboutins “are high enough, and your leg is elongated but not like you are about to break your neck,” she says.
tvfash3602 Tionna Smalls of 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right!': 'I love being curvy'
“The way it is scalloped looks great on curvy women,” she says of this coral ensemble. She paired it with Jessica Simpson shoes that are blue, orange and green. “I love to show my feet,” Smalls says. “You can pair colorful shoes with a solid dress.”
tvfash4602 Tionna Smalls of 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right!': 'I love being curvy'
“If you have curves and you want to knock it out,” this is the party dress to have, she says. Everyone should have a dress in her closet that can be slipped on and is party ready.
“The fashion people are causing a lot of these people to go off their food,” she says. “It is how you feel about yourself. If you go by that BMI, then everyone’s fat.”
“Wear what you want to wear,” Smalls says. “It has to be cute. You don’t want too many TACs [tight-a** clothes]. A good fashionista, is in my opinion — do you have an outfit for that? A funeral? A gala?”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler